Session G-5 (May 19, 2013)

After the fighting drew to an end upon arriving in the Hive, Veint’s spiked chain, Obedience, warned the party of a strange feeling it had. It told the Veint that it felt something coming that could destroy it so Veint, Luzo, and Tasmia decided to head off on their own for a bit to take care of other matters.

Soon after, Khaj jumped into a pool of water leading below the floating island of wasp muck. As he looked around, he was spotted by a massive humanoid shape coming from a field of sargassum. As it started rushing towards him, Khaj unsuccessfully tried to convince it not to attack. Leaping from the water, Khaj warned the group of the incoming threat. What appeared was a nightwalker but quick work was made of the creature. After the brief fight, Alegna and Khaj decided to dive back in to investigate where it came from.

On the other side of the sargassum, the pair discovered an air-filled cave containing many gems, a few magical items, and five aught orbs. While they were underwater, Thane and Gwynn flew up above the mist to do some scouting. Spotting an island off in the distance and, what appeared to be some semblance of a sunrise, they flew back down to report their findings. Khaj and Alegna eventually returned to the surface with their haul. Alegna announced that more aught orbs were discovered within the creature’s hoard. One by one, she bestowed the power of an aught orb upon Magnius, Bran, Thane, and Khaj, while reserving one within the Gloves of Borkus.

The party soon decided to investigate the island to the “East”. As the group flew above the large, sandy island, a gangly, bearded man was spotted on the beach singing a strange song to himself. Khaj dropped into the water near the island and cautiously approached. The man began shouting out challenges to “Gako”. As Khaj, in porpoise form, approached nearer and the man hurled a javelin, prompting Khaj to bite him on the man’s leg. Khaj and the man engaged in combat with the strange man managing to land a few surprising blows against Khaj as the rest of the party landed nearby, ready to fight.

Steel Curse #132Suddenly, another figure crested a nearby sand dune and shouted at the party to “stop attacking his human.” Surpsised at this turn of events, the group went on the defensive but ceased fighting. The newcomer turned out to be a Kalyarut who had somehow lost an arm. After a bit of arguing, tensions settled. It was learned that the man, named Fer Molitz, had been in the Hive for many years. His airship had crashed on the island after being attacked by “Gako” who, to the party’s shock, was revealed to be Shargakakept.

The group went to investigate the wrecked airship, Breeze Jumper, which was damaged very badly. Unable to get much help from Fet, having lost his mind years ago after being stranded in the Hive, Thane reached out and healed the man’s insanity. The Kolyarut eventually gave his name as Steel Curse, the 132nd of his line. His mission was to come to the Hive to slay Nanelith who, ages ago, had betrayed her promise to Borkus to manage the souls who came to this “Hell” and ensure that none escaped. When Nanelith realized she, herself, was trapped in this plane, she grew angry, turned evil, and began finding ways to spread her influence to the material plane.

In return for helping Steel Curse accomplish his goal, he would give his aid in escaping Erivin and, possibly, locating the Storm Orchid. In stating this, he revealed that an aught orb used at the “exit” of the prison would allow the party to escape. After Alegna finished surveying the damaged airship, with the aid of the now lucid Fer, she cast a spell that restored the airship to working order. With the aid of Bran’s donated life energy, Steel Curse was able to restore his lost arm and heal himself up to full strength. In exchange for the healing, the Kolyarut brought Alegna and Magnius to a small, sheltered area where he rewarded the group with his personal collection of unneeded coins, gems, and magic items.

As the party began to board the Breeze Jumper, Veint, Tasmia, and Luzo had tracked the party back down and everyone regrouped, bringing the stragglers up to speed on recent events.

Session G-4 (May 5, 2013)

Tasmia arrives at the mage’s university where the party is finishing up their shopping before plane shifting to the Hive in search of the Storm Orchid. She is quickly brought up to speed on current events and is annoyed at the situation with Azaria.

During the end of the shopping, Khaj is distracted by a succubus that he happens to know and she lures him away from the group. He makes his way into an empty building where he joins an orgy along with several other succubi. One of the succubi seems to have more malicious plans for him, but is quickly slain before she can do any harm, much to the shock of the others. A scream is heard, and a few of the party members go to investigate. Khaj is annoyed with the interruption and the succubi flee (right?)

Everyone starts getting rounded back up as many footsteps are heard coming towards the party in the distance. Magnius goes to investigate and sees a large contingent of dwarves marching towards the party’s location. Upon arrival, he questions the leaders of the group. Alegna recognizes the leaders as several of the Seventeen Warriors. Erthos tells the party he is there to see Alegna in order to instruct her in how to use the aught orbs. Inquiring about the aught orb the party currently had in its possession, Azaria gives, what was at one time Magnius’s “gift”, back to Magnius, revealing that the orb is an aught orb.

Erthos goes on to explain that the “spirit” of Mor Massa is still trapped within Imiliture and that the aught orbs must be formed into weapons that can destroy her before the fiends get to her. While Erthos knows the incantations needed to activate the orbs, he is unable to provide further insight. Alegna, slipping on the Gloves of Borkus for the first time, clasps her hands around the aught orb and begins the ritual. As she finishes, she glances quickly around her at those gathered before her as she plunges the aught orb into her chest. A violent display unfolds before the party as everything she is wearing explodes off of her body onto the ground. Alegna sees a vision of everything that has ever happened fast forwarding before her eyes as she comes to. Erthos is speechless for a bit but the shock soon wears off for everyone.

Preparations resume for delving into the Hive after the Storm Orchid as the dwarves head off for battle. Alegna gathers everyone around and she plane shifts everyone to the Hive in two groups with the intention of getting everyone in one place after arriving. Several creatures that appear to be living wasps nests lumber towards the second group as huge swarms of gigantic hell wasps fly out. It turns out that the two groups landed nearby in the Hive and everyone joins in the fighting. Alegna attempts to teleport everyone to safety but quickly finds out that teleportation magic is somehow impeded at their current location. The blood drains from her face as she remembers an old book she had read that spoke of a massive prison-like area in the Hive where this sort of magic is prevented. The party resumes the fight and, eventually, the immediate threats are quashed.

Session G-3 (April 7, 2013)

Tasmia, still floating towards the ground was pursued by one of the enormous wasps that had attacked the Sojourner. Veint, Bran, and the crew of the Sojourner made quick work of the band of Nanelith’s forces.

Magnius set his troops in motion out of the East gate and wrapping around the outside of the city towards the South gate. The Areinians met the Ordinal forces stationed at the South of the city and were told that they were managing to hold the line against some of Nanelith’s forces. The Areinians joined the fighting and took the lead heading across the bridge to meet the enemy.

Thane decided he should leave Imiliture now that it was on the ground with no way of getting it back in the air. He borrowed an owl from one of the nearby guards and began flying towards the South wall to resume command of his Ordanian forces. En route around the exterior of the city, he encountered a group of several vrocks attacking a gold dragon. Shouting for the dragon to take the fight to the ground where he could be more effective, Thane joined in the fight. A messy and disgusting battle takes place but, eventually, Thane and his new friend, Arelibadogwynn, manage to kill the assailants. Sending the owl back to its master, Thane mounts the dragon and resumes his trip to the South gate.

Alegna, reappearing on Imiliture, is unable to locate Magnius. She decides to scry on him to find his location and detects his position at the South bridge, engaged in battle. She invisibly teleports into the battle and assists in slaying the last few gornaks that were assaulting the Areinian line. Alegna, pressing Magnius about his plans, discovers a note in her pocket alongside the “gift” she was supposed to deliver to Magnius for Azaria. The note is also from Azaria, intended for Alegna and states that Arsemi doesn’t want Alegna to return to his ship and that they would try to arrange a meeting at a different location in about an hour. Before the meeting, however, Azaria goes on to request that the two of them meet at Alegna’s private chamber at the mage’s university. Alegna borrows a horse and tosses Magnius the “gift from his girlfriend” before taking off towards the university. Magnius opens the small box and discovers a small, floating black orb that his hand seems to pass through when he tries to grab it.

Alegna reaches her destination and, upon approaching her quarters, hears muffled arguing on the other side of her door. Further listening revealed that Tory was overusing the word cunt in reference to an unexpected guest in the room. Alegna knocks and enters to find an angry Tory standing over a magically paralyzed Azaria. Alegna told him that she was his guest and asked him to leave. After a few rude comments, he complied leaving the two of them alone and Azaria unfroze.

Azaria spun a story for Alegna about how much she hated Allo and Arsemi and was willing to assist the party in regaining the Storm Orchid if it meant that the party would kill them. In return, she desired amnesty and a place in the society above ground that would remain denied to her otherwise. Azaria also mentioned that Arsemi was currently placing powerful wards on their ship to prevent unwanted visitors and that the best bet for defeating them would be to use her knowledge of where their “real”, astrally projecting bodies were hidden. Azaria’s performance was extremely convincing and Alegna was very interested. Azaria began to make increasingly intimate advances towards Alegna and suggested that, together, they could become queens in the new world after the battle, with Magnius between them as a puppet leader. Alegna was intrigued but, when Azaria presented a ring, exposed her breasts, and asked her to share in an eternal love, Alegna cast a spell to identify the ring as a ring of three wishes with one remaining stone. Azaria was distressed that she still had not earned Alegna’s trust and cooperation and wished, “I wish that Alegna and I shared a great love together forever”. After the spell took hold, Azaria apologized for being forced to use magical compulsion to which Alegna replied with a smirk that she chose not to resist the spell.

Alegna and Azaria make love.

Alegna confronted a man on their way out, defending her new lover. Alegna was allowed to scry on Azaria’s “real” body and found her in a well guarded room somewhere in the Hive. She reached out, telepathically, to the rest of the party and asked everyone to meet her at the mage’s university stating that she had found a way to recover the stolen Storm Orchid. Magnius was rather difficult to convince but when she gave him a terrible guilt trip, he reluctantly headed into the city to find her. She also made sure to contact Bran to explain the situation with Azaria and stood her ground against the dwarf insisting that the drow had defected and would be an extremely valuable ally. The dwarf cautiously and reluctantly conceded the argument, but warned Alegna of the dangers Azaria presented after the arrangement was finished. Bran diplomacized an angry Veint on the situation but managed to get him to a point where he might not kill her outright at first sight.

The entire group miraculously arrives all in one place at the same time outside the mage’s university. Khaj approves of Alegna’s new friend and there is some minor complaining about Azaria’s involvement from the others. Alegna draws a map of the chamber where the drows’ physical bodies reside in the Hive and plans are made. Some healing is done and a bit of shopping begins before the expedition to the Hive.

Session G-2 (March 24, 2013)

In the caverns in Duntair, Magnius scouts ahead into the deeper mines, spying a beautiful drow woman singing.  Asking her name, she sings a reply asking him for help in return for her name. Continuing her song, she uses some sort of compulsion magic to suggests that he take her to the Storm Orchid, then vanishes into the shadows.

Quinn and Thane ask what he saw but Magnius ignores their questions and insists they have to return to Imiliture. Alegna teleports back to the caverns, questioning why Magnius needs to return to Imiliture before finishing their search for the Aught Orbs, but got no direct answer and eventually teleported the group there.

Striding forward, Magnius touches the Orchid, feeling the hand of the drow on his as it lifts and then vanishes – as the castle beings to drop and Magnius hears the name Azaria whispered into his ear.

Tigard begins shouting about how a woman named Azaria had tricked him, clearly angered by the events he seemingly caused. Alegna confronts him, demanding to know if he is a traitor. When he refuses to give a straight answer, Alegna cast Maze on him and teleports away telling the others that he will return soon, leaving those remaining to scout the castle for any clues. Nothing is found as the castle slowly crashes into the city below.

Meanwhile, on the Sojourner, the ship is quickly flanked by a pair of demonic air ships, smaller but able to keep up and sporting great spiked rams. Closing in, Tasmia crosses over to one ship, cutting down almost all of the crew while Veint and Khaj were flying across when a group of titanic wasps catch them, devastating the pair and rending Veint.

Fortunately, Luzo is able to quickly make use of several spells to close in and restore both of them, as Bran cuts down one of the wasps. Tasmia, decimating the crew of one of the airships corners the vessel’s captain who cuts the ropes attached to the balloons to prevent the ship from being captured. The craft crashes into the ground as Tasmia quaffs a potion enabling her to remain airborn, but attracting the attention of one of the great wasps.

After casting a discern location spell from her chamber in Akquar, Alegna teleports near the Storm Orchid, finding herself on the bow of a massive airship tipped with a gigantic drill. Entering the room where two drow were holding the Orchid, she is quickly discovered by another, invisible drow. A small, magical stand off takes place but hostilities quickly cease. The drow reveal themselves as Arsemi, Allo Neth, and Azaria. Azaria gloats a bit about charming Magnius and gives Alegna a small box to give him as a gift. They tell Alegna that they wish to meet with Magnius Tigard which she accepted, stating that she would return with him. As she teleports away, she notices the obvious hatred Azaria feels for the two men.

Session G-1 (March 10, 2013)

Following the Eastern Counter Attack, the armies marching out of White Rush continued Northeast, flanking the demons and Nightmare Hound, until the sudden disappearance of Thane and Quinn caused the rains to return and the forces to lose sight of the fiends.

The northern troops from the Band of Blades ran into a force of slave-troops of Boraksa across a stream of blood-rain.  The devil forces were held up by a wall of blades and the commander, a ghostly elf bearing the emblem of a noble house of Sythrilinara, advanced only to be cut down by Veint and his forces routed.

At the same time, in the lair of Boraksa, Magnius, confronted with an ambitious fiend with designs on his soul to usurp Boraksa, had summoned Thane and Quinn to his side, who were quickly followed by Alegna. Thane held the fiend back and Quinn quickly smote the devil, along with some other invisible creatures who assaulted shortly after.

It was revealed that the fiends intended to create some sort of powerful super weapon, crafted from artifacts called the Aught Orbs which Alegna recognized as fragments of the creation of the cosmos. As the pit fiend was dying, he spotted the Gloves of Borkus on Alegna’s belt and further revealed that the Gloves were necessary to transform the orbs into a weapon.

The Sojourner was called down to pick up the rest of the party, leaving the armies to continue to heard the demons to the forest while they focused on dealing with this weapon…

Session F-12 (June 24th, 2012)

The session begins with Alegna heading out towards the Missed Opportunity late at night through the rain. She arrived to find two guards from the Blades standing outside who attempted to bar her entry. She simply teleported past the door and saw a room crowded with richly dressed nobles eating and drinking. The Lord sat at the opposite end of a long table. The guards burst in and proclaimed that there was just a mage outside. The Lord flicked his wrist and they fell silent, stiffly walking out of the room like puppets. Alegna was quickly criticized for arriving soaked to the bone wearing simple traveling clothes. It was requested that she change and don a mask before she could take part.

She quickly changed and dried herself and returned to the party. She marched right up to the Lord and sternly stated, “We have business?” The Lord indicated that, while Trist Yaloor had brought him to White Rush before the barrier went up, now that the barrier was there, he could not easily leave with all of his followers. He requested that Alegna find a way to free several of his followers from various incarcerations across the city and that she find a way to convince the rest of the party that he was not a threat. He attempted to bribe her with riches, power, and even the visage of her dead husband Aldrius. At one point during the discussion, he took a pin prick of blood from her that he could later use to increase his ability to scry on her. He could read her mind, which she quickly discovered, and could tell that she was thinking of ways that she could double cross him. Alegna asked for more time to consider his offer and decide what an appropriate exchange might be for her assistance but he became angry and told her that she would have to decide right now. She said that the deal was off if she wouldn’t be allowed time to consider his offer and turned to leave. The Lord replied that, “You will know the destruction you’ve wrought when you see it,” and Alegna quickly teleported to safety back at her temple.

Realizing that the Lord was now an unvaoidable new enemy, despite her efforts to prevent the situation, she decided the best thing to do would be to alert Magnius to what had happened. Upon entering his tent, she discovered two Areinians vigorously entangled with a couple of women in the cots belonging to Magnius and Thane. She angrily demanded to know where he and went from tent to tent questioning Areinians. She discovered that he and Thane had become intoxicated last night and that Magnius had passed out up on the wall. She slapped him awake, the the horror of a nearby guard, and told Magnius that she had to speak with him at once about something of extreme importance. They made their way down the wall into an unoccupied tent where she cast mage’s private sanctum. Once the tent was secured, she informed him of her meeting with the Lord, his demands, and that she felt he was now a new enemy in the already desperate war for Tanulla’s Hilt. Magnius left the tent ordering a nearby soldier to seek out Thane and have him travel to the temple of Ul’Bakun. The couple make their way to the, once again abandoned, Missed Opportunity tavern where Alegna’s meeting had taken place.

Seeing no evidence of where the Lord’s court might now be, the two head toward the temple of Ul’Bakun to see that Veint is resurrected as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Veint enjoys the heaven created by the god of Battle as he feasted and drank to his heart’s content while watching a magical projection of mighty warriors fighting in battle, including his own battles. Luzo quickly joins him and there are many “huzzahs” throughout the evening. The rest of the group makes their way to the temple to see Veint resurrected. Back in warrior-heaven, Ul’Bakun’s face turns very serious as he addresses Veint. He says that if he distrusts his fellow party members, he must leave them behind and that he must trust them if he is to remain by their side. He then changes the projection to show his friends gathering to see his resurrection and asks him to decide whether or not to return to the battlefield.

Veint is sent back and Luzo is resurrected shortly after. Veint, apparently moved by the words of his god, says nothing to the group regarding the happenings of only a few hours prior. The group is brought up to speed on Alegna’s meeting with the Lord. The group does the selling and buying of loot that had been piling up for a while in order to see what resources they had before deciding on their next move. Outside the temple, the group happens upon Bargair. There is some confrontation and spellcasting as Alegna and Magnius confront him. As he gets down on his knees and begs forgiveness, Quinn spots the scuffle and assures them that he is harmless. He goes on to explain that he helped Bargair cure his vampirism and that he has turned against the evil of his past. As this is going on, Bargair begins slipping off the Gloves of Borkus and insists that Alegna takes them and, reluctantly, she does. An increasingly annoyed Tasmia announces that her and her forces are going to march East and some discussion on the next course of action begins but is is interrupted by a large tremor. The group heads to what was, apparently, the source that seemed to be coming from the East wall. Tasmia and Khaj arrive on the scene to discover that the East gate had been completely destroyed and several bodies were trapped under the rubble. In the pile, Khaj discovered a violin eerily reminiscent of the one held by the aspect of the Lord in their previous encounter with him.

Plans begin being discussed of refortifying the wall and a way to move forces across the pile of rubble. Alegna casts a spell and quickly turns the pile of debris into a large stone ramp so that movement of forces across the gap would be possible. The group quickly discusses their next move and, for once, everyone unanimously agrees to one, unified plan. The Gurds, under the command of Bran, are to begin forming up on the Eastern side of the bridge. The Band of Blades, under the command of Tasmia, will also prepare to march East. Quinn will go with the Sojourner to pick up the storm giants who were now allied with Bran. The Sojourner will then ferry them to the other side of the river, North of the city, and begin preparations to march towards the devils’ forces. The Areinians from the West wall will move East to reinforce and defend the gap that now exists in the wall. Once the involved members head out, the plan is to attack the demon armies East of the city long enough to grab their full attention, then march North towards the devils’ forces. With some good timing and a bit of luck, the group hopes to get the demons and devils fighting each other. Another goal is to do as much damage as possible to the devils’ air forces in the Northern camps. A couple of last minute preparations are made while waiting on forces to gather in their respective places and the session ends.

Session F-11 (June 10th, 2012)

The session begins just after Magnius threw Trist Yaloor back through the door where the party had just met with the aspect of the Lord. The party hears what can only be the demons consuming him. A moment later, Veint decides he’s going back in and kicks the door in. Alegna attempts to stop him with a spell but is countered by Luzo. A few party members rush in and begin hacking into the demons inside.

Alegna shouts out “Stoneforges, if you’re against me then you are AGAINST me!” Quinn and Magnius shout out similar warnings urging the group not to fight. Veint is suddenly decapitated by one of the balor’s Vorpal blades as Alegna casts time stop again in a frantic attempt to diplomacize with the Lord. She states that the attacking party members are acting against her wishes and that they will be leaving whether the rest of the group likes it or not. The Lord replies stating that she can leave Veint’s body there for him. Pleased with the respect Alegna has given to his superior power, he asks her to meet with him at the Missed Opportunity, an abandoned tavern, at midnight in the city. The Lord makes his way past the group and up the stairs as the time stop ends.

Alegna shouts out one last warning to the group, stating that any who resist her next spell will be left to their fate and will not receive any assistance regardless of circumstances. Alegna casts Wish and says, “I Wish for all living creatures (which excludes the dead Veint) within 100 feet of me, who are not demons, to be transported to the Areinian encampment in White Rush.” Alegna, Quinn, Thane, Ildri, and all the nobles arrive at the Areinian encampment safely with the spell. Khaj atttempted to resist the spell but failed his saving throw. Bran, Luzo, Tasmia, and Magnius successfully resisted the spell and remained in battle. Veint’s corpse was, of course, left in the room as well.

Magnius only stayed so he could get his two prisoners out safely that he had left up the stairs. He leaves the battle and heads that way. Luzo manages to cast revivify on Veint just as Veint is decapitated once again. Following Veint’s second death, Luzo is decapitated as well. Bran and Tasmia continue fighting the two balors who remained. At one point, Bran attempts to offer magical escape to Tasmia who did not accept it. Eventually, they manage to overcome the last balor and survive the death throes.

Magnius, hearing that the two explosions, assumes that the balors have been defeated and heads back down with his prisoners to investigate. He passes a silent Tasmia and makes his way in to see the carnage. Bran grabs the corpses of Veint and Luzo and teleports to the entrance of the dungeon just as the last of the poison kicks in stupifying him. Magnius makes his way back out as well.

Alegna leaves the party to pray at her temple. She casts commune to speak directly with her deity fearing that she had made terrible mistakes in dealing with the Lord but was comforted by B’lemascree’s words. The rest of the party splits up a bit and the session ends here.

Session F-10 (May 27th, 2012)

The session starts during the battle with the guards. The battle continues on for a while and the PCs eventually hack their way through most of them. Magnius decides to spare a couple. Part of the group breaks off and heads towards some stairs leading downward where a large number of guards are waiting at the bottom ready to fire muskets up towards the party. Alegna casts a spell disabling the majority of them and Veint kills a lot of them. The furthest guards begin attempting to retreat but Veint cuts them down as well.

We reach a door where music can be heard on the other side. Upon opening the door, an orgy of zombies and succubi awaits the party while an aspect of the Lord sits on a throne playing a violin. Ildri immediately lays waist to three of the succubi and the Lord objects. Alegna casts Time Stop in order to prepare for the battle. Somehow, the Lord also receives the effect of her Time Stop and Alegna sees this. Realizing what the group is up against, Alegna conversed with the Lord while time was stopped. The Lord indicated that the group could take the nobles with them since that is the only reason we were there. He had no interest in White Rush or our war and was only here because Trist Yaloor was attempting to use him. He also indicated that he was not affected by the Storm Orchid and had no interest in it either. Alegna decided that this meant that the Lord and his minions were not a priority and it would be best to avoid conflict with them at that time as she felt they would be outmatched by whatever powers this being had.

The party decided to stand down and take the nobles with them to be put on trial in the city. On the way out, Magnius grabbed Trist Yaloor and threw him back through the door, shutting it behind him. The session ended here.

Session F-9 (May 13th, 2012)

The session starts off in the chamber with the three doors and the fallen pillars. Khaj manages to get the group through a music playing trap with the help of Quinn. We enter a maze like area made up of walls of metal sheeting. Bran triggers a trap by removing armor from a mannequin which causes several more metal sheets to fall from the ceiling, dividing up the group. Khaj quickly rushes off in search of a mechanism to reverse the trap. Alegna casts Time Stop in order to avoid getting hit by traps as she attempts to follow after the speedy Khaj but heads the wrong way. Various party members attempt to chop through the metal sheeting revealing a layer of poisonous gas inside each one.

Alegna disintegrates a door at the end of the hallway she is in revealing a guard with a musket on the other side who is very surprised to see her. She sounds the alarm as Alegna and Khaj begin fighting. Alegna casts many spells adding chaos to the scene. The rest of the party catches up and Alegna dispels her spells so everyone can get into the fight. The battle rages on as this session ends.